What are the Healthy Methods to speed up the Birth Process?

What are the Healthy Methods to speed up the Birth Process?

The first stage of birth usually proceeds slowly. After the cervical opening exceeds 3-4 centimeters and birth contractions begin to regulate, the progression of birth is expected to accelerate. If the process is progressing but the process is slower than you expect, some methods can be tried.

It is important to remember that it is important to consult your doctor or midwife before applying any method. Since everyone’s situation and circumstances will be different, some methods may not be appropriate for your situation.

Healthy Methods to Speed up the


You can try these methods to speed up the birth process and simplify the process:

1- Oxytocin triggers

Besides being one of the leading actors of birth, oxytocin hormone is also known as the love hormone. During childbirth, the body is also prepared for breastfeeding. A dim environment without bright lights, light music, and pleasant odors also help to accelerate birth by supporting oxytocin production.

2- Hot water

Birth in water is preferred not only to facilitate the baby’s arrival to the world but also because of its relaxing effects during the birth process. Being in warm water both softens the muscles and the pleasant sensations of water support oxytocin production.

3- Choosing healthy foods

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that eating and drinking during the birth process is healthy. Some foods, in particular, can be effective in relieving the course of birth. Pineapples help to regulate uterine contractions.

4- Medical interventions

If birth is still very slow, even though you have tried natural methods, your doctor may need to use medical intervention. Medical methods such as opening the water sac, giving artificial pain, pain relief supplements are among the most common methods used to accelerate birth.

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