What Causes Cramping in Pregnancy?

What Causes Cramping in Pregnancy?  Cramping in is actually a tissue spasm. Here the tissue contracts and causes sudden and severe pain. A common form of cramping occurs in calf muscles during sleep. Overloading, injury, muscle strain or staying in the same position for a long time can lead to muscle cramps.

When does cramping start during pregnancy?


Cramps are common problems starting from the 24th week of pregnancy. , which is more disturbing at night, sometimes cause sudden waking up from sleep.

What causes cramping in pregnancy?


  • Magnesium deficiency

Calcium and magnesium deficiency are shown as a cause of cramping during pregnancy. In addition, the growing uterus, vein system, and the pressure caused by circulatory problems caused by this is an important factor in the formation of cramps.

How is cramping during pregnancy?


During the postpartum period, cramps relieve and then pass. It is possible to alleviate cramps by methods such as a balanced diet rich in calcium, various exercises, massage, and regional warming. In most cases, supplementation with calcium and magnesium may also be used.

Factors such as sleep imbalance, air exchange, stress, fatigue are the major causes of cramps. Some cramps may occur in your body when you experience nausea, vomiting, excessive heat, calcium deficiency or water loss. Most of us have little knowledge about cramping in pregnancy. However, in the -entering region, many people apply stretching, hair pulling, needle-sticking methods such as a note that is not scientific.

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