What is a dead pregnancy?

What is a dead pregnancy?  Dead is a pathology of development, in which the cessation of growth and fetal formation is recorded. That is, with a frozen , the full fetal death occurs.

The term “failed miscarriage” to refer to a frozen pregnancy is often used because the fetus has died, but at the same time there are no signs of spontaneous abortion. In the vast majority of cases, fetal death occurs in the form of spontaneous miscarriage, which is fixed in women with loss of pregnancy. However, in some cases, the death of the fetus is not accompanied by the development of miscarriage, and then the fetal egg remains in the uterine cavity, which is a dead pregnancy. Thus, by the term “frozen pregnancy” is meant the death of the fetus in the womb of the mother. The frequency of termination of pregnancy by type of death is 10 – 15% of all cases of loss of a desired pregnancy.

Frozen pregnancy should be interrupted in any case. Therefore, any frozen pregnancy ends with either a miscarriage or a medical abortion.

Frozen pregnancy can occur in women of any age and at any gestation period. However, most often dead pregnancies are diagnosed in women over 40 years of age, which is associated with the accumulation of spontaneous genetic mutations and the presence of chronic inflammatory processes in the genital organs. The most often frozen pregnancies are fixed on gestation terms less than 13 weeks.

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