What is a toxicosis in pregnancy?

What is a toxicosis in pregnancy?  It seems that there is not a single future mother who would not have met with toxemia in the early stages of . And the stories of the girlfriends who have given birth can fill the whole period of with gloomy expectations.

Toxicosis during pregnancy can be expressed in different ways; from mild morning sickness to vomiting 3-10 times a day, which requires medical supervision and treatment. There are several signs of toxicosis, but the most noticeable and painful is nausea, sometimes causing real suffering.

It is not by chance that this condition is called toxicosis: from the word “toxin” a poison of biological origin. But, of course, toxicosis in the first trimester of pregnancy is not a poisoning. Rather, a special, individual condition, a kind of protective reaction of the female body.

In the “risk group” for toxicosis are women aged after 35, with gynecological diseases, operations and abortions in the past, kidney and / or liver diseases, endocrine disorders, smokers.

Mild nausea in the early stages of pregnancy is normal. It starts at the 5th or 6th week, reaching a peak to the 12th, but does not need additional medical attention, but requires a calm attitude of the most pregnant woman. The most difficult period of toxicosis can last no more than 2 weeks.

The described phenomena accompany not every pregnancy and many women have almost no toxicosis.

The question of how long toxemia lasts during pregnancy and on what depends its severity is very individual.

At this time, the formation of the placenta is over. It softens the “hormonal attack” and the most unpleasant symptoms of toxicosis, as it is a kind of blood filter.

By the 20th week the state of the vast majority of women is fully restored.

Ideally, if you were preparing for pregnancy and know in advance about the existing chronic diseases. For every tenth woman, the symptoms of nausea are associated with diseases of the digestive tract.

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