What is Oxytocin?

What is Oxytocin?  What Does Oxytocin Hormone Use During ?

Oxytocin hormone) is a female hormone that plays an important role in getting pleasure from sexual intercourse, fertilization, formation of maternal instinct, birth and breastfeeding. It is secreted in the posterior part of the pituitary gland. Love is known as the main source of emotions such as love, loyalty, commitment, and happiness.


  • The hormone in the bloodstream acts as a chemical messenger called the neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.


  • It plays a role in balancing and regulating emotions and behaviors. It increases positive emotions such as love and happiness.


  • Oxytocin hormone increases the pain threshold of people with high levels. In fact, the biggest proof of this is that women can withstand labor. Women with high oxytocin have more resistance to labor.


  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it provides quick healing of wounds.


  • When labor begins, it regulates contractions in the uterus and makes it easier to push the baby.


  • During breastfeeding, milk passes through the channels to the nipple.

How is the hormone oxytocin increased?


Sex and orgasm increase oxytocin hormone. Stimulation of the nipple during sexual intercourse also increases oxytocin. The most important reason why oxytocin is called love hormone is the increase in oxytocin production with love.

Actions such as holding hands and hugging not only increase the oxytocin hormone but also strengthen the bond between couples.

Social media is also an effective platform. Although the positive and negative effects on communication are controversial, the positive comments and tastes that come from this increase the oxytocin level.

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