White discharge during pregnancy

White discharge during pregnancy  The appearance of any unusual discharge makes every future mother worry.

After all, it is unclear why they arose and what the consequences could lead to. Assessing their volume, consistency and color, a gynecologist may suspect this or that pathology.

Most often, expectant mothers are concerned about white discharge during , which doctors associate with hormonal changes in the body.

But sometimes they can arise as a result of the development of the disease, which can adversely affect the course of pregnancy. In what cases should their appearance be a reason to call a doctor?

To understand whether you should worry about the emergence of excreta, the doctor, first of all, will appreciate their color.

White discharge during pregnancy at an early age is considered the norm if they do not have an extraneous smell.

The most common allocation of white, especially in the first trimester, if they are not accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, are physiological and are not capable of causing harm to either mom or developing baby.

If the pathology is diagnosed at the initial stage of its development, then you have every chance to cure it without negative consequences.

Particularly well treatable abnormal white discharge during pregnancy in the second trimester, when the placenta is already well formed and is able to protect the fetus from the effects of medications used.

But, if the disease is not treated, then it is fraught with dangerous consequences.

As you can see, the allocation of white color is not pathological, but related to the natural processes in the body.

If they are not accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms, then there is no need to worry. But if there is an itch or pain, then you need to see a doctor who will diagnose and prescribe a treatment.

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