Worms during pregnancy

Worms during pregnancy  During , every woman wants health for herself and her baby. Therefore, in this period it is necessary to pay special attention to well-being and try to protect yourself as much as possible from harmful bacteria, infections and parasites.

What to do if during pregnancy a woman learns about the presence in her body of such parasites as worms ? The main thing, of course, is not to panic and not to grab at the pills. Worms are not deadly, but you can not even ignore this problem. You should immediately consult a doctor and begin treatment.

It is known that worms are present in the body of every person, without them, as without bacteria, people can not exist. If they are detected, then in this case we are talking about an excessive number of parasites. This indicates a reduced immunity.

There are worms that are capable of causing serious harm to human health, which is especially dangerous for a woman waiting for a child.

Therefore, if any symptoms of this disease are found, it is necessary to urgently undergo a medical examination and start treatment, which is successfully carried out even in pregnant women.

Usually worms during pregnancy are found during the delivery of tests. In the laboratory, the feces of a woman are examined with special tests for the presence of parasite larvae.

But besides this, a pregnant woman may need to take additional tests. If ascarids are found, it is necessary to find out if they are inside the fetal egg. To do this, an unscheduled ultrasound is assigned and an amniotic fluid analysis is performed. Such examinations will help to find out whether there is a threat to the life of the child.

Worms can seriously complicate the course of pregnancy

First of all, when parasites become infected, toxicosis increases. As a result, the body of a woman can not fully absorb vitamins and under such circumstances quickly weakens.

A certain danger is represented by the enterobiosis detected during pregnancy. Its causes are pinworms small and large helminths, which can live in the large intestine and in the lower part of the small intestine.

Pinworms are dangerous for the future mother in that they can penetrate the genital tract and thereby cause irritation of the mucous membrane, the attachment of bacterial infection and severe itching, which gives a special discomfort at night. As a result, there is insomnia and nervous system disorders, which is very harmful in the period of gestation.

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